Erneut gaben wir ein gemeinsames Konzert mit der Formation Opera Chaotique aus Griechenland. Brecht, Carmen und das Phantom der Oper waren ebenso Teil des Programms wie die Uraufführung unseres a cappella Arrangements von Ost+Fronts “Bitte Schlag Mich”. Das Konzert eröffnete den dritten Cirque Bizarre von Goth United.


Bild von Jörg Merlin Noack Fotografik und Prinzessin Schmutzfuß

The gentlemen of “Stimmgewalt” were guests again on the “Luftschiff” at “12 Grad Aetherloge” in Berlin. This time with a program from the green island and soloistic female support. After the celebrated concert the singers invited for making traditional irish music together, embedded into the sounds of guitar.


Picture: Jörg Merlin Noack Fotografik

We shared the stage with the NDH Band “OST+FRONT” at M’era Luna-Festival (25.000 Visitors)!

After the concert we had an amazing time with our “blood ritual”, spitting fake blood at each other and some visitors (on demand).

It was a great pleasure and a real success for us!


Picture: Prinzessin Schmutzfuß

Stimmgewalt rocked the Blackfield Festival in Gelsenkirchen together with Ost+Front – with striking success!


Picture: Prinzessin Schmutzfuß

On the theme picnic “A Goth United Midsummer Night’s Dream” in Volkspark Friedrichshain we presented our Shakespeare repertoire for the first time.

As a delegation from the “Humans’ Village” we made the day of all the
fairies gathered there by singing songs and telling poems. It was a
musical and lyrical tribute to the great weather that day.

Our friends LucifersKat, Julie Van Silva and Glück Licht enchanted the
day with colorful soap bubbles and illuminated the night with dancing flames.


What a weekend!

After the unfortunate crash of the “Luftschiff” on Friday night we spontaneously presented the world premiere of “A play that may or may not be slightly similar to ‘Dance of the Vampires’” on Saturday at La Danse Macabre.

Jan von Stimmgewalt and Le Comte Caspar of Coppelius provided some additional musical shenanigans.

A big thank you to all who came out to support us, you are wonderful!



Tonight we get a little more serious than usual:

We are providing an evening of musical entertainment to a group of senior citizens from Wilhelmshaven at the Zille Stube, which is located in the beautiful Nikolaiviertel in Berlin. We can’t wait to present a selection of songs from our repertoire!


Our facebook page has reached 100 likes – thank you all, here’s a little song just for you!

Orphaned Land_Metal Hammer_November issue

The guys from Stimmgewalt contributed some of their Barbershop songs to the “Luftschiff” of Goth United in the Aetherloge which earned them a nice applause from the audience there.

We’ll be there once again, when the “Luftschiff” takes course to the green Island of Leprechauns on July 12, 2013!


Picture: Prinzessin Schmutzfuß