Tonight we get a little more serious than usual:

We are providing an evening of musical entertainment to a group of senior citizens from Wilhelmshaven at the Zille Stube, which is located in the beautiful Nikolaiviertel in Berlin. We can’t wait to present a selection of songs from our repertoire!


Our facebook page has reached 100 likes – thank you all, here’s a little song just for you!

Orphaned Land_Metal Hammer_November issue

The guys from Stimmgewalt contributed some of their Barbershop songs to the “Luftschiff” of Goth United in the Aetherloge which earned them a nice applause from the audience there.

We’ll be there once again, when the “Luftschiff” takes course to the green Island of Leprechauns on July 12, 2013!


Picture: Prinzessin Schmutzfuß

Many thanks to theARTer Gallery for the light, sound and the wonderful supervision we recieved there. It was an honor to sing on this amazing stage!

Another big Thank You earned Le Comte Caspar of Coppelius who perfectly accompanied us on the piano. For us that was like fabulous fairy dust!

Many, many thanks to Opera Chaotique who invited us to sing a few songs with them. Really inspiring musicians and great company on stage! You rock, guys!!!

We won’t forget Lady Lileth’s Imaginarium enchanting our faces with beautiful Make-Up nor Jörg Merlin Noack – Fotografik who recorded our performance by audiovisual means. The results will be awesome!

The great concert was followed by an even greater after show party taking place on the “Luftschiff London” in the 12 Grad Aetherloge. We sincerely apologize to all who were there for the spontaneous and quite drunk addition we sung there…

Pictures will follow soon. Happy to have passed this first important test we are looking forward to the upcoming concert with Orphaned Land on September 18 and 19, 2013 in the theARTer gallery.


Picture: Jörg Merlin Noack Fotografik